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ATM cashback offer

Get £300 cash back (per annum) when you sign up for a PayPoint ATM.

This new deal gives you the opportunity to earn £1,500* back over 5 years. Plus, our unique Net Settlement system reduces your banking costs as incoming bill payment cash is netted off against outgoing cash withdrawals.

This deal is available to retailers who...

- Have an existing ATM

- Do not already have a PayPoint ATM.

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*  £300 cashback will be available to retailers taking a PayPoint ATM. Retailers must have an existing non-PayPoint ATM.  Cashback is available yearly for a period of five (5) years for retailers who meet transaction volume requirements and other applicable terms.  Contact for full terms and more information.

“Although we get a weekly commission from the ATM transactions, the main advantage to us is the huge savings on banking charges. As we’re recycling our takings into the ATM, it’s saved us thousands of pounds a year in banking charges which is great.”

Darren Craig, Today’s, Londonderry

Why we are the better choice

We have been self-fill ATM experts for over 12 years. Our ATMs have a number of benefits for your store and business:

  • earn commission from existing space in your store - up to £2,000 p.a.
  • get flat rates with no hidden fees
  • reduce your banking charges by filling your ATM with cash you already have in store
  • boost your cash flow: our Single Daily Settlement feature means you only bank the net figure
  • enjoy fast broadband transactions with no need for a dedicated phone line
  • get piece of mind: our ATMs are securely fastened and emptied at night
  • spend just 5 minutes each morning to fill our easy-to-use ATM with cash
  • get full training and support, with a helpdesk on hand 365 days a year