EPoS link now available with PayPoint One Pro

An EPoS link is now available for PayPoint One Pro retailers who are members of Premier, Family Shopper and Shop Locally.

The link, which is included in the EPoS Pro monthly service fee*, helps retailers to operate a more efficient business and free their time so they can concentrate on running their store.


Easy setup - scan in real time from our online product file of over 100,000 SKUs.

EPoS data migration - simply transfer prices from your existing EPoS system.

Daily depot prices - stay updated and receive the latest RRP and cost prices.

Consumer promotion packs - activate monthly promotions directly through PayPoint One.

Stock orders - place orders directly through the PayPoint One mobile app.

Electronic deliveries - book in delivery notes to update stock in real time.

Activate your EPoS link

  1. Login to my.paypoint.com
  2. Go to EPOS > EPOS Stock > Suppliers  > New subscriptions > choose Booker from the selection
  3. Register your store and Booker membership details
  4. Tick the box to confirm you agree with the terms and conditions
  5. Press the green Test Connection button followed by Save
  6. Please allow 5 days to get connected while Booker verify your details.

Training and support

Please call 0330 400 0000 for additional training and support.

* Applies to your first symbol connection only. The first time you register your Booker organisation number with PayPoint, a one-off £25.00+VAT Booker administration fee will be collected per site.

"The EPoS link is great and so easy to activate from my PayPoint One back office. The most useful feature is monthly promotions, which are automatically applied each month, however, I still have the flexibility to pick and choose which promotions to run in my store.”

Samir Patel,
Premier Cranbourne, Potters Bar