Connect your brand digitally with millions of convenience shoppers across the UK with PayPoint Engage

PayPoint is at the heart of convenience retail and has been for over 25 years. Our new consumer and retailer engagement tools, PayPoint Engage, allows you to reach millions of consumers in over 40,000 convenience stores across the UK.

PayPoint Engage offers FMCG brands the ability to:

  • Drive consumer spend: Deliver digital vouchers to consumers' smartphones in seconds, encouraging them to purchase or receive discounted products.
  • Create digital interactions: Execute interactive experiences that will help you connect with consumers through digital and in-store formats and gamification. This activity can then be used to build and grow loyalty in a fun and engaging way not seen in the convenience sector before.
  • Support NPD launches: Use PayPoint Engage to promote new product launches and trials among consumers by putting the product into consumers hands.
  • Increase sales and distribution: Reach a wider audience of consumers through PayPoint's network of 40,000 convenience stores across the UK.

Our unique digital vouchers can be delivered in seconds via SMS or email providing a frictionless experience and gives brands a simple but effective way to engage with convenience store customers.

"PayPoint Engage can deliver true value and meet marketing objectives for marketers through a hugely credible, trusted, and unique network of 40,000+ retailers. Putting the call to action in the hand of the consumer."

Anthony Sappor - Retail Proposition and Partnerships Director, PayPoint

To learn more about how PayPoint Engage can help you drive sales and engagement for your FMCG brand contact us today:

Ula Bibbey
Head of Retail Partnerships
Frankie Norbury
Retail Campaigns Manager
Mark Schneider
Key Account Manager

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