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Quick Credit Voucher

The 2012 UK Budget moved responsibility for distributing Emergency Funds from the Department for Work and Pensions to local authorities starting from 1st April 2013. PayPoint developed and launched the Quick Credit Voucher portal (QCV) in just six months, in time for this significant change.

Clock illustration showing 45 seconds

The fastest ever Quick Credit Voucher was redeemed just 45 seconds after it was issued.

Convenience for client, and consumer

QCV enables local authorities to make emergency payments to residents without the expense of cash office facilities. It is faster, cheaper and safer than issuing cheques.

Through the specially designed web portal, council staff create and manage vouchers, which are provided to those individuals who have applied, and been approved, for a crisis grant.  Vouchers can be printed and collected by the claimant, emailed or sent via SMS to a mobile phone, and then redeemed at a local PayPoint outlet.

QCV was the first, and remains the only, such scheme available to Local Authorities for payments of this type, and provides a rapid safety net in times of crisis to over 9,000 residents in need, every month. Since its launch in April 2013, over 50,000 payments have been made to customers with 80% of all SMS vouchers being redeemed within four hours of issue and the fastest being redeemed within 45 seconds.

A versatile and vital solution to a critical service across the UK.