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Amazon Top Up in store available at PayPoint

Amazon Top Up In-Store from PayPoint is a great new way for customers to purchase Amazon gift cards using cash. The cash will automatically be added to your Amazon Gift Card balance and each Top Up can be used to buy millions of items online at

How does Amazon Top Up In-Store work?

There are now two easy ways to purchase Amazon Top Ups. You can either request a top up barcode through your Amazon app which you can present at any PayPoint store and pay in cash to update your Amazon Gift Card balance. Or, you can request a Top Up amount at the till to get a unique code printed on your receipt to redeem online.

Which values are available?

Amazon Top Ups are available in ANY value between £5 - £250 in 1p increments e.g. £13.75.

Where can I buy Amazon Top Ups?

Amazon Top Ups are available at all PayPoint stores nationwide. To find your nearest store, please use the locator below.

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