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Twickenham Drive Supermarket, Wirral, Merseyside
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Join over 4,000 retailers with an ATM

You can reduce your cash banking costs with a PayPoint self-fill ATM by recycling the cash you take in store. Research from the Convenience Tracking Programme (CTP) 2016 shows that customers visit internal ATMs more frequently than external ATMs - 4.05 times a week vs. 3.6 times a week.  

Interested in a PayPoint ATM for your store? Please complete our retailer support form.

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PayPoint ATM retailer

Darren Craig, Today’s, Londonderry

Why we are the better choice

We have been self-fill ATM experts for over 12 years. Our ATMs have a number of benefits for your store and business:

✔ earn commission from existing space in your store - up to £2,000 p.a.

✔ get flat rates with no hidden fees 

✔ reduce your banking charges by filling your ATM with cash you already have in store

✔ boost your cash flow: our Single Daily Settlement feature means you only bank the net figure 

✔ enjoy fast broadband transactions with no need for a dedicated phone line

✔ get peace of mind: our ATMs are securely fastened and emptied at night

✔ spend just 5 minutes each morning to fill our easy-to-use ATM with cash

✔ get full training and support, with a helpdesk on hand 365 days a year

Don't just take our word for it, read some of our retailer feedback below:

Fairprice supermarket

“It is no hassle and only takes 5 minutes before opening the shop. I trust my staff and they had good training.”

Mr Satkunarajah, Fairprice Supermarket, Wembley

Budgens of Sudbury

“The security of the ATM is perfect - it is fully bolted with no issues and we had help with the position of the ATM and wiring”

Chirag, Budgens of Sudbury.

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