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Change of Ownership (COO)

How do I start a Change of Ownership application?

Please call us on freephone 0800 310 0000 and select the Change of Ownership option. You will speak to one of our helpful PayPoint representatives who will ask you a series of questions to get the application started. 

What details are required for a Change of Ownership process?

Please ensure you have the latest and correct details about the new store owner and when they are most likely to take over the store.

I have notified you of a Change of Ownership and not heard anything back

Please allow 5 working days for your application to process. If in that time you have not heard from us, we will ask your local PayPoint field rep to contact you. 

The Change of Ownership date has changed/been postponed, what do I need to do?

The current owner must put it in writing that the Change of Ownership has been changed and this document must include their signature or be emailed from a registered email address. 


This can be faxed to 0844 9933724 or scanned and emailed to

What happens on the date of Change of Ownership?

The PayPoint device will be suspended the day before the Change of Ownership date,


The following day, PayPoint will set the site live and call the new owner when it is ready to use.


NOTE: If the Change of Ownership date falls on the weekend, your PayPoint device will be suspended on Friday and set live the following. Monday.