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What other retailers have to say

Find out what retailers are saying about PayPoint One...

"PayPoint One was a good long-term decision as there are always new features and updates being added."

Premier Yarm Lane Mini Market, Stockton-on-Tees

"I chose to have PayPoint One EPoS in my store because it offers the best solution for my business, both now and in the future. PayPoint services are vital to my community, so the back-office features have had a beneficial impact on the way I operate my business. PayPoint One was a good long-term decision as there are always new features and updates being added.

Being able to serve all customers from one till is fantastic – I have saved space on my counter and it’s much easier to process bill payments and groceries in one basket rather than having to use two separate devices. My staff and I always try to use the scanning functionality and as a result I’ve seen fewer mistakes; both in managing stock levels and limiting any human error when processing baskets.

The app is useful when I am not in store as I can not only keep an eye on sales, but also perform changes through the app. It’s easy to carry out tasks such as price changes, stock adjustments or managing my supplier orders without having to rely on others if I cannot be physically in store."

Mr Mutansar Ali

Retailer 1

"PayPoint customers call in more frequently and generally spend more."

Your Store, Craigavon County Armagh

"PayPoint makes the difference with exclusive services and helps us attract more customers to our store, as PayPoint customers call in more frequently and generally spend more.

We process both chip and PIN and Contactless card payments through our PayPoint terminals at a very competitive rate and have these at each till point keeping our sales quick and efficient.

We offer a free to use ATM which I feel is very important to the business. Our self-fill ATM has been a huge success in driving footfall and sales with a large percentage of customers spending withdrawn cash in store. We generate commission from our ATM transactions but the big savings are really on our reduced bank fees.

All of these help us to earn additional revenue and make substantial savings on our banking charges."

Mr Malcolm Hall

Retailer 1

"We’ve increased our weekly PayPoint takings from £8k to £20k+."

Lundwood Convenience Store, Barnsley

"Over the years I have formed a great relationship with our PayPoint Territory Development Manager, Matthew. 

With his advice and help, we’ve increased our weekly PayPoint takings from £8k to £20k+.

We've also had security deposits paid back to us totalling £10k which we used to purchase another shop - with PayPoint and an ATM too!"

Mr Ajeeban Mahalingam

Retailer 1

"The main advantage to us is the huge savings on banking charges."

Twickenham Drive Supermarket, Wirral

"We are able to put the takings from both our shops into the ATM, saving us thousands of pounds a year in banking charges. We find that the customers tend to spend the money they take from the ATM in our shop which increases our takings.

We receive a fair weekly commission from the ATM transactions but the main advantage to us is the huge savings on banking charges, the increase in customer satisfaction/footfall, and the increase in takings.

We always try to stock items that the customers want to buy, especially new products and those advertised on TV. We have a massive £1 aisle which is very popular and we take time to search for suppliers for in-demand items."

Mr Christopher Presland


Retailer 1

"We like the transparency that PayPoint offers."

Shell forecourt, Merseyside

"We like the flexibility in placing orders. We can order at a time that suits us, whether that’s over the phone, through our TDM or on our PayPoint terminal.

In addition, we like the transparency that PayPoint offers. With every SIM order, we receive a detailed list of all of the SIM serial numbers that have been sent to us.

Likewise when we are paid commission, we can log onto MyPayPoint and see which SIMs have been activated. It even lists the serial numbers of the SIMs that we have received payment for. The margins that we make on SIM cards are very good, which is why we dedicate space in our stores to sell them."

Mr Rais Patel