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Western Union

Available in over 200 countries, the Western Union Money Transfer® service is the easy way for customers to send and receive money across the world. And PayPoint is the easy way for you to provide it - we offer the only UK solution that operates without a computer. 

Retailers achieve average annual earnings of £420*


✔ competitive commission on all send and receive transactions fees

✔ space saving – you use your PayPoint terminal to process transactions, so there's no need for a laptop and printer at the counter 

✔ no financial investment required to start offering money transfer service

✔ the average transaction value was £215*

*PayPoint statistics 2015

Western Union agent locations

"Having Western Union through PayPoint has had a very positive effect on my business and providing Western Union alongside all the other PayPoint services makes my store a one-stop-shop for customers."

Ms. Bharti Patel, Urmi News, Watford 

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