EPoS Pro app privacy policy

Your personal data

As set out in your agreement with us, PayPoint’s use of your personal data as set out in our privacy statement available at: https://www.paypoint.com/privacy-statement

Other than for the log on process, we do not use this app to collect your personal data and you are requested not to submit personal data to us in via the app.

The service

The app is to be used in connection with the PayPoint EPOS Service and you should only use this app if you have an agreement with us for this service. The terms and conditions applicable to the EPOS service and this app are set out in your general retailer agreement.


This app is to enable you to:

  • Track your sales using the quick and easy dashboard
  • Create new products, at the shelf edge or out of store, which will be immediately available for scanning at the counter
  • Edit existing products – such as selling price, cost price and descriptions

For you to be able to use this functionality, You need to expressly choose to share certain types of data with us. This is not automatic.

Use of the camera

You can use your camera to scan products. To use this functionality you do not need to allow the app to access your photos library. If due to your own setting you find you have stored photos of the products scanned you do not need to retain the photos once the data has been submitted to us.

Your photos

We will not access images on your device and we will never scan or import your photo library or camera roll. Access to your camera is to allow you to scan products.

You should not submit any photos to us that are contrary to the terms of our agreement with you.

Use of the data

We only use the data provided to us in via this app for us and/or our service providers to provide the EPOS service to You and do not share it with third parties other than as specified in our agreement with you.

Contact details

If You have any questions in relation to this privacy policy please contact:

Data Protection Officer PayPoint Group
1 The Boulevard
Shire Park

Welwyn Garden City Hertfordshire, AL7 1EL