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About PayPoint

Established in 1996, PayPoint is a leading specialist payments company, processing consumer payments across a wide variety of markets through its retail networks, internet and mobile phone channels.

Today we manage almost £10 billion a year for clients across a broad range of sectors

Keeping modern life moving

The world of payments gets more complex all the time, but consumers don’t want to know about that. They just want simpler, faster, more flexible ways to pay.

Whether it’s buying clothes, paying tax, topping up mobiles or buying a car park ticket, we all expect to be able to do it however, wherever and whenever we like. Online, by phone, in cash, at an ATM or through a mobile app. 

That’s why so many organisations trust PayPoint. Because since 1996, we’ve been coming up with new ways to make the complex business of payments as simple, reliable and secure as possible. 

Today, we manage almost £10 billion a year for everyone from consumer and financial services companies to retailers, utilities and government. And we’re creating new, transformative ideas all the time. 

Explore the PayPoint history

Key facts

  • Over 29,000 PayPoint retailers in UK and Ireland
  • More than 10,200 PayPoint retailers in Romania
  • Handles over 686 million transactions annually
  • Almost £10 billion of transactions processed annually
  • More than 4,200 live ‘LINK’ branded ATMs
  • Over 12 million registered PayByPhone users
  • Over 20 million parcels handled annually through Collect+
  • More than 5,800 Collect+ retailers


We work with over 1,500 organisations. Here are just a few:

PayPoint client logos

Our values serve as a compass for our day to day behaviours and interactions.

Our values

Trusted partner

We believe that great business partnerships are based on trust and understanding. So we make clear commitments, deliver on our promises, and “do the right thing” for our clients. It is part of our job to understand your business, and how you see the world. We know that real relationships take time to build, and that’s OK. We are in it for the long haul. Trust us.

Consumer centric

We believe that great business solutions start from an understanding of the end customer. So we make it our business to understand what makes customers tick, and learn what it will take to turn an average payment experience for them into a great one. We’re all different, and so are customers. But everyone loves a neat solution. 

Switched on

We believe that knowledge is handy, but what really counts is when it can be turned into action. We make it our business to deeply understand the world of payments, and then turn that knowledge into smart, practical solutions. So when there’s a payments challenge you can count on us to be switched on, right from the off. 

Forward thinking

With the world of payments moving so quickly, it can be hard to keep up. We take pride in thinking ahead, spotting emerging trends and future issues and gearing up early. That way we can be ready with opportunities and solutions when they’re needed. We don’t innovate just for the sake of it. We do it for our clients and their customers.

One team

We like to think you can’t get a wrong number at PayPoint. We may have people all over the world, but we see ourselves as one team and one business. So when it takes a bunch of us to get together to come up with a solution, we do just that, whatever part of the company we're from.  

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