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PayPoint Romania and Scala Assistance: A Successful Partnership Benefitting Millions of Romanians

Regulatory announcements

Bucharest, 09 February 2016 – PayPoint Romania, the main retail-based cash and mobile payment operator in Romania and Scala Assistance, a company authorized for issuing and handling the road tax, have announced results supporting the success of the agreement. During the calendar year ended December 31st, through PayPoint’s network of payment points, 90% more road tax payments have been made compared to the previous year.

The two companies have been collaborating since April 2014 when they announced the ability to pay for road tax in PayPoint partner stores. At that moment, the move was new to the retail environment in Romania and has since led to sustained consumer demand and an expansion of the service in December 2015 to over 9.000 payments points throughout Romania.

The possibility of making payments in convenience stores proved a real help for Romanians, especially those in rural areas, who lack access to traditional payment channels. Currently, the service is available in over 10.000 stores bearing the yellow PayPoint branding. Their number is increasing every month, along with the number of transactions in this segment.

The method of payment for the Road Tax remains just as simple and secure: customers go into the nearest participating PayPoint store and provide the retailer with the information required to register that the Road Tax has been paid. The process is quick and secure: once the retailer has recorded the data on the terminal, the customer pays, in cash, and receives a receipt with all the necessary details (date, amount, location, Road Tax registration number, etc.).

“When we launched this service in the PayPoint network, we were bringing innovation to the retail environment and now we are glad to observe that people find it natural to be paying for the road tax in our partner stores. We are always looking to ease Romanians’ lives, offering them a payment method that is secure, easy, and convenient, for as many services as possible. We are proud of this partnership’s evolution and its results and we are convinced that, in the future, even more Romanians will pay for their road tax at their PayPoint store”, said Mugur Dogariu, Managing Director PayPoint Romania.

“We are happy with the results of our PayPoint agreement, especially given that our services cover the needs of millions of Romanians, anywhere in the country. Scala Assistance is constantly preoccupied with developing the services offered and, through the agreement with PayPoint Romania, these things were possible and this was certified by Romanians with the results obtained”, said Dan Ciceu and Dan Alexandru Cobeanu – Scala Assistance founders.

Along with paying for road tax, customers can also use PayPoint terminals for paying utility bills (electricity, gas, sanitation, water, etc.), mobile phone plans, internet or cable TV,

Security services, plane tickets, as well as buy mobile phone top-ups and even transfer money, both internally and internationally, at selected PayPoint locations.